Metro League Division 11 Final Team Preview

As we prepare for the Metro Division 11 League Final this Saturday (22nd April) against Clontarf in Templeville Road (KO 3pm), may I introduce you to the team.

Donagh Ryan:
Donagh is from a rugby playing family, with his older brother Conor also a previous squad player. He has just been blessed with a baby this year, but still manages to get to training to lift Foxy in the lineout. Has been a central part of the J5’s this year with his strong scrummaging.

Stephen Walkin:
Steve took a break last year, but heard about the buzz going on with the J4/5 squad. Another family man, whose direct darts have the lineout purring all season. He has come back to achieve another winners medal.

Keith Gavaghan:
A true giant in every meaning of the word. Keith retired earlier in the season after he was lifted in a tackle and landed badly. Yes you've read correctly he was lifted. He was talked out of it, and has come back fitter and stronger, and can be seen to last 80 minutes. Keith is a total team player, and has helped out the J4’s on many occasions. He has been a great influence on new players and deserves to be the only Northsider to lift the J5 Trophy for all his efforts.

James Nolan:
Jim also came back this year after a break. He has always given a 100% but is carrying a knock that is keeping him limited. But given the chance he can show his propping skills.

Padraig Fox:
Foxy is a stalwart for the J5’s, having been on the team that lifted the trophy, over 5 years ago. Still as committed as ever the Carlow man is focused for the final. He will leave everything on the pitch.

Andrew Perkins:
Perkins who only came to Rugby this season, has taken to it like a duck to water. The Soccer referee has an aggressive streak and loves nothing more than big hits. He has just moved back to England where he is expecting his first child with his beautiful wife, but has come back especially for the final. Thank you Andrew.

David Dixon:
Dixon will probably be late again, but when he does arrive , he gives it everything . He is as hard a nails and loves, picking and driving . Hopefully he can repeat his hatrick of tries that he scored earlier in the season.

James Casey:
Casey is the hairiest player on team .He loves it when its cold, but can be seen sweating when the sun comes out. James can make great yards with the ball in hand. The newly married Casey, has seen a new side of rugby as he has moved from the second to back row. He has a good engine, and with Collery has been a top tackler.

James Collery:
The guru of the team, he gets the right mind set. His work rate is phenomenal. Collery is one of the 12 Jameses we have in the squad. Collery had played in the backs, but eventually found his real home in the back row. He gives everything to the cause and has a knack of saying the right things at the right time.

James Hynes:
Bfoot got his name from being stung on the foot. Ask him, he loves telling that story. A Blackrock College man, who played with legends, eventually found his luck when he came through the St Mary's gates and played with more legends. Has the natural ability to rob the ball at the breakdown, and tackle any sized man by the ankles. He recently got married and his biggest achievement was to have written a pre nuptial agreement allowing him to come back and play Rugby. Baby doesn't get left in the corner.

Dan Hegarty:
Dan the man with a great choice in shirts, also came from the Blackrock fraternity. Another Mary's stalwart. He like Bfoot already have silverware from their J4 exploits, so they know what is needed to win. Dan is also a top tackler and loves a forward battle.

Tony Flynn:
Flynner is a work horse. He throws himself into tackles with no fear. He is the only man that can match Hugh Lyons for quick whittled remarks on WhatsAp. People have cried laughing with his intelligent one liners. He is a team player and gives his all whenever needed.

Gary Masterson:
Captain Gary is a motivated man. He wants nothing more than a win today. He will be found later with a pair of knickers on his head, if we do . He is a bundle of energy and gives everything to the cause. His crab like runs have become famous .He had learnt that he is not to take kicks to touch, and this has made him the captain he is. A winner.

Ryan Barnes:
The oldest player on the team. A born South African he came from Naas RFC to see how St Mary’s win so many trophy’s. He found out. Train hard, Play hard, Win hard, add a bit of emotion and enjoy your time playing as it is so hard from the side line. Another stalwart and fighter. He is a back but stood into the Hooker position to help the teams cause. A true legend.

Cal Gray:
The Connemara native with the D4 accent. Cal is special .When he is good he is very good. When he is bad he is dreadful. Cal can win games alone. He came to us this year on the recommendation of Foxy. Foxy has alot to answer for. No seriously Cal has the ability to be the game winner today, we hope he has his lucky socks washed for today and has a cracker. No doubt we will see his reactions on WhatsApp later.

John Whelan:
Also known as James is a skilful and robust centre who has got better every game. He also has silverware this season and is looking for more. This Offaly native can cut through defences and we look to him to do this again today.

Billy Shanahan:
The Kerry Doctor, is very skilful. Is as comfortable in the back row as centre. His centre partnership with John has blossomed as the season went on. He puts in big hits that ripple through the team.

Eric Dunne:
Eric the martial arts fanatic, can be seen squaring up to the opposition at every occasion. He is a forward in a backs body. He loves to run at defences, and can tackle too.

Our Italian friend, is a tackling terrier. Nothing gets by and he is secure under a high ball. Has got better every game. He is an honest player.

Dan Hurley:
Dan the Cork native, can be seen covering the ground with his long stride. Has been great in attack and defence all season, and is looking for more silverware.

Andrew Fitzpatrick:
Fitzer another stalwart came back this season to give it a lash. He has trained hard all season, and can slot in anywhere in the back line .

Calgar Tuc has been instrumental in this team getting to the final. His poachers try against Stillorgan will remain in the memory for a long time. This Tunisian native has given everything to the cause. Turning up to games on his lunchtime to play or support his fellow teammates. Always barking out directions and motivating his team. Saban we salute you.

Paul Bennett:
Paul joined us last season and made an impression. One of his first runs for the club was his try that wasn't a try. He ran 50 yards sprinting past defenders only to put the ball down five yards short. See Paul we didn't forget.

Barry Norman:
Barry has played in both the backs and forwards. He is an all rounder. You might remember him from film 94 on BBC 1 before he retired. He can be seen wobbling around the pitch trying to find his balance

Finally last in was Kurt McNab:
Kurt came to us via Chile. A former opponent of Cristian in Chile he has joined our ranks and has made himself at home very quickly. Kurt like our other 2 Chilean friends Andrés and Cristian have left a positive mark on the club. All of them brought an exciting brand of rugby. Willing to take on opponents and run past them. Hopefully he will follow Cristian and take home some silverware.